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    Ricard Camarena Route – 195 €

    The longest and most up to date proposal that reflects our culinary baggage of the last few years.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 145€

    Oxalis Trail – 155€

    Our new trail based on a completely plant-based cuisine.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 110€

    Classics – 155€

    A tour of Ricard's most emblematic dishes.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 110€






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      Seating times:

      – For Lunch: 1:30 to 3:00 pm

      – For Dinner: 8:00 to 10:00 pm

      What can I expect?

      Our dining experience is underpinned by a constant search for taste. We respect the identity of each product so that, when taken together with other ingredients, they create new tastes full of subtle yet unexpected nuances. We source the majority of our products locally. In the case of vegetables and garden produce, we are in direct contact with the grower, which leads to a working synergy based on shared decisions at each crucial moment in the life of the product: planting, growing and harvesting, thus establishing a sustainable relationship between the restaurant, the producer and the land.

      How long does a meal last?

      Between 2:30 and 3 hours, depending on the menu you choose: the shorter ‘Synthesis’ or the longer ‘Ricard Camarena’.

      Are there alternatives for people with allergies or who are intolerant to certain foods?

      Yes, provided you notify us when booking a table, with sufficient time in advance and whenever we are able to adapt our menu. On certain occasions it may be impossible due to the severity or degree of the allergies or intolerances.

      Are there exclusively vegetarian or vegan menus?

      We do not have an exclusive menu for vegetarians or for vegans. Many of our stocks, broths and sauces are based on the proteins and collagens sourced from fish and meat. We cannot adapt our menus, as it would substantially alter our gastronomic concept.

      Is the restaurant suitable for small children?

      The experience at Ricard Camarena Restaurant is not conceived with small children in mind. Anyway, we have a special menu for children.

      Is it obligatory to have paired wine with the menus?

      No. You can choose whatever drink you wish, whether alcohol or not. In any case, our sommelier will always recommend paired wines for the most complete experience.

      Does the restaurant have parking facilities?


      Can I give the Ricard Camarena Experience as a gift?

      Of course. There are several gift options on https://ricardcamarena.com/en/shop/  which you can choose with or without drinks included. Payment can be made online with a credit card.