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    Ricard Camarena Route – 195 €

    The longest and most up to date proposal that reflects our culinary baggage of the last few years.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 145€

    Oxalis Trail – 155€

    Our new trail based on a completely plant-based cuisine.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 110€

    Classics – 155€

    A tour of Ricard's most emblematic dishes.

    Beverages NOT included. Optional: Wine-pairing 110€






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      Our cuisine is underpinned by a constant search for taste. We respect the identity of each product so that, when taken together with other ingredients, they create new tastes full of subtle yet unexpected nuances.

      We source the majority of our products locally. In the case of vegetables and garden produce, we are in direct contact with the grower. This creates a working synergy based on shared decisions at each crucial moment in the life of the product: planting, growing and harvesting, thus establishing a sustainable relationship between the restaurant, the producer and the land.